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Interesting-to-you game Finder

License : CC0
Aiming to find game that people would like to play with only favorite game titles.
Update: Jan 7, 2020

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Background: Nowadays, game recommendation is based on the genre of the game that a player often plays. However, the different game with the different genre but by the same producer may be also a essential factor to discover the game that the player would like. Like Shigeru Miyamoto, the person that create Mario, Link and some other great games with different kinds of game play has his own way to attract player. The players who likes Mario usually like link too. This may be the clue that our idea can be somehow interesting. Aim: Trying to help people find the games that is similar to their favorite games. All you need is the game title that you like. Concept: By using the linked open data from, we would like to link the specific game title to its producer so that we can find out the other game that is produced by this producer since the producer affect the game style mostly.
Update: Jan 7, 2020 (Chao Cai)
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Through the data of the game, we can easily locate the creator of it by subclass "creator"
Update: Jan 7, 2020 (Chao Cai)
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We can furthermore find out the game developed by the producer by SPARQL query with fixed attribute, e.g. the identifier of the producer.
Update: Jan 7, 2020 (Chao Cai)

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