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peel structure

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PEEL (Point, Evidence, Explanation & Link)It is an approach, a method that facilitates writers to write by following a PEEL Structure. Point:- This is the most explanatory one, as it is the opening part of the paragraph. The final sentence elaborates the point which you are about to discuss in the complete paragraph. The opening sentence is generally said to be the topic sentence. Evidence:- After mentioning the points, further, there comes a turn to facilitate the vital evidence to support your arguments. The dispute can be in any form stating facts, analysis, events, statistics, and information from any credible sites and journals or magazines.   Explanation:- Explaining and elaborating is the next segment. Your foremost target must be to understand all the vital points and the evidence you mentioned. Analyze the proof to give them a clear meaning. Link:- Linking defines the ending point and starting with the new one. This point is quite tricky as structuring and linking are critical. It must provide a practical conclusion to the sentence. You can grasp the technique gradually. For more visit :-
Update: Jan 6, 2021

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